5 tips to get the highest price for your Yaletown condo

Tip #1 Staging - Pay close attention to the way your place looks and feels when a buyer comes in. You want to declutter and depersonalize as much as possible so the buyers can envision themselves living in the space appose to yourselves.

Tip #2 Smells - Often overlooked, you want to take care of any smells or odours. Pay attention and ask your real estate agent if they have any suggestions for you. If you own any pets, take them out of the space.

Tip #3 Pricing- Pricing is very important. Work with your real estate agent to come up with a price that works for you, the market your are in and the property type.

Tip #4 Property Access - Having the property as accessible as possible is key. You want to ensure access to have as many buyers though the space to get the highest price possible. Don’t restrict the viewings to to a certain date or time, allow as many people through as possible

Tip #5 Proven Marketing Plan - Make sure the agent you decide to work with has a proven marketing plan. You want to see the marketing plan on paper to see exactly what their going to do to get the property sold. Simply putting it on MLS and a sign out front just isn’t enough these days